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The main functionality of the new metaverse will focus on the provision of GameFi elements for streamlining communication among members and trading of digital assets.

Concept features

VR trading

with friends

The project aims to focus on visual trading as the core element of the metaverse, and focused on developing the social trading phenomenon as part of its metaverse, giving participants the ability to trade digital assets without resorting to external exchanges.



Binance Coin




virtual estate

Each user of the metaverse also has the opportunity to purchase virtual real estate that can be customized in a variety of ways through the use of NFTs. Users will also be able to create NFTs on the basis of their best trades in a Proof-of-Trade manner, giving success a visual representation that can be shared.

VR conferences

& online chats

Metaverse gives a platform for next-level business communication. Show product demos, conduct sales meetings, and enhance collaboration through future technology. Users will be able to attend conferences as both speakers and audiences with extended functionality that includes advanced replays and much more.

virtual games

Zenfuse metaverse will also feature VR games created by third-party developers. All games to be hosted on Zenfuse will provide users with the ability to stake their ZEFU in exchange for various rewards and advantages.



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