We are a creative and strong team.

Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in the crypto industry. Each of us has our own unique experience in working on digital products in different directions. We have come together to combine our efforts and create our own and unique product.

Our team

Yuriy Kovalev


The efforts to design and deliver Zenfuse are led by a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience directing teams, delivering products, and leading marketing efforts.

Alex Peresichan


The CTO of Zenfuse has over 18 years of experience working in development and leading technical teams. Aleksandr Peresichan launched several software ventures and also founded technobit.io, a software development agency.

Mikhail Vorontsov

Chief Creative Officer

Misha is an artist and designer with many years of experience in the financial sector, leading the visual style of companies from scratch. At the moment, his main areas are UX/UI, Motion and Mobile Design.

Alina Komarevtseva


With 5 years of experience in the UX/UI designer industry, Alina has worked for a number of large companies. Now, together with Mikhail, Alina is taking care of all the UI/UX designs for Zenfuse.

Dima Litvinchuk

Full-Stack Developer

Dmitrii has been a web developer since 2014. In that year he entered the university with a degree in cryogenic engineering. In the process, he realized that programming took a place in his heart. When Dmitrii has free time, he prefers to spend it in the gym.

Serge Degoev

Full-Stack Developer

Sergey loves extreme sports, fast cars and cats. Winner of many hackathons, always learning something new.

We are fully transparent towards our community

Our company policy is to be open and honest. We like to share our milestones and do not hide misfortunes. For us this is the only way we can create the product of our dreams.

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